Happy new year!!

By Wednesday, January 05, 2011 ,

Well, I knew it's a bit late...but, hey! better late than never rite?. Me and family would like to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!. Welcome 2011!. Semoga ALLAH memberi saya sekeluarga peluang untuk menjalani setahun lagi kehidupan bersama insan2 yang tersayang.

What will happen in 2011?. Let's check ya..

1) My daughter, Hannah will be turning 3 yrs old on this 25th Feb
2) My sister will be getting married in early February.
3) Will do Aqiqah for Umair during sister's wedding.
3) Me and husband will be turning to number 3 this year on April!. Haihhh...no more num 2!
4) Husband's cousin will be getting married in June at Kelantan

Hmm...that's all for now, don't have any planned yet from March to May. Tunggu dan lihat la nanti. Anyways, Hannah now sgt talkative and banyak la songeh. She's still doing her potty training. Sometimes, she did well and sometimes, huhuhuhu...pee on the floor. Dah kencing baru sibuk nak bgtau. Haru betul. But it's ok. It's part of parenting rite?. There were always up and down.

Special edition with beloved daddy!

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