Stock up the BM

By Wednesday, January 12, 2011 ,

Ouch! this is only the beginning. I started expressed my milk only after 9 days of Umair's birth coz I need to wait for the established period plus, I have had an engorgement and crack problem. Sound hurt..yes! it was really hurt! though it temporary. Thanks to Hannah's comb and TUngku modern, at helps me to ease the pain.

I am still express my milk. 3 times per day and Umair already bottle-trained ever since day-1! until now. How time flies..1 month down, another 1 month to go.

Will story more bout the breast pump and breastfeed.

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  1. wah..wah.wah.. so jeles!! hehehe.. go Nany go!! wish u all the best ;)

  2. Azah,

    your time will come soon!. Wish you all the best as well!


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