Begneit et Currypuff

By Wednesday, August 22, 2012 ,

Tajuk di atas berkenaan donut dan karipap. Sabtu lepas, just before one day raya...we went to Auchan to buy the ingredients for biskut la batik, but mission to find biskut de marrie was failed.According to my friend, the biscuit was at thr cake ingredients section and after spend almost 30min cari itu biskut..sudahnya tak jumpa.So frustated... :( So i just took the wheat flour without think the purpose of it. Btw, i learned french ppl say wheat flour as farine de bleu.. (faghine du ble). French language contain so many ghen pronounciation. Kot rumi tade sound 'ghen'.Jawi jer ade..bagus tak bagus tulisan jawi nih kan? My 1st project using this farine was begneit and i bought the levure as well.Btw, did you know that wheat flour here was only 0.36€ per kilo?So cheap right?

Alhamdulillah, i have successfully made my 1st doughnut ou begneit in france.Hehehe...I substitute bar chocolate with a mixture of sweetened cream, hot chocolate powder and margarine.It was a bit sweet i think because of the hot chocolate powder itself. We gave some doughnut to Qaisara's family who also staying in this hotel.Oh, hannah made special form for Qaisara... :)and they love it to bits!
Few days after that..i made currypuff since my other half love currypuff so much.The filling was sardin and potatoes.It taste so yummy but my dough was not turned out very well.I would said, mission failed!. I think because the measurement was not right since i need to mix between hot cooking oil and water.The original recipe was used cup and there was no cup here.As a result, the dough was so hard and difficult to roll. I give up!.. So,.i just made 10 pcs of currypuff.The rest i just fries it as hannah love to eat the pastry without filling in it.This is not my 1st time made currypuff and yes! I blamed the short-of-tools-to-make currypuff.Hahaha..nevermind, i will do it again and again once i moved out to my house soon.So, this pic is proof that currypuff was done and mind you that this pic before i fried it.After fried? Nope! Tak nak amik gamba sebab huduh! Hahah..tapi hubby cakap sedap jer sebab rapuh sangat
That's all now, next entry will story about our Eid Mubarak 's celebration in Paris. :D

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