3 months check up

By Friday, August 24, 2012 ,

The route and the bus number that we should take. Number 93 will bring you to the American Hospital. We bought the ticket at the Metro station and we still can use it within 1 hour and half.  Hubby said, the bus has a GPS, so it will link to the system at the bus station. I did not captured the monitor which shows an estimated time arrival of the bus and YES! they are very punctual. Capital P. This is our 1st time using bus to get to the hospital. Unlike in MALAYSIA, driving is our choice because bus absolutely is not the best choice with 3 kiddos.

The paediatric section. Located at level 0 near the emergency department. We straight registered our baby and less than 5 minutes, Khaleef was being called by his paeditrician. His paed did his job very well, very details examination. Uwais was really in good mood at all. His weight was 5.10kg and according to the paed, he need to take more calories because from the growth chart, his weight is increased but yet, it was below the curve. Senang cakap, kena lagi berat and suits with his age. So, the paed namely Dr John LOVEJOY asked me to top up with formula milk. Hurmmmp...no way man, sorry dude. I am gonna BF him exclusively until his age is 6 months and wean him off. So, this the interesting part.  Aa vaccination. In France, the doctor will give a patient  prescription and bring that to the nearest pharmacy and  we need to buy it at the pharmacy. Mind you, the pharmacy is not located in the hospital itself. It was outside from the hospital. That's why you can see a lot of pharmacies in Paris. Since Uwais got eczema, he gave us a short information printed out from his computer for our reading. Rajin nyer kan?.. hehehe...I brought the prescription to the pharmacy this morning and showed to the lady there. Owh, I speak french by the way. Simple... "Ci, sil voul plait" whilst pointing at the letter given by the paed. I also says " avez-vous un dentrifice pour enfants?" and she looks blank for a while. Then, I felt something went wrong with my pronounciation, until I gave a signed brushing my teeth. HAHAHA..cute is it?..then after that, she nodly said.."arrrr.....DONTRIFIS..I did say DENTRIFIS..Nevermind, however I feel fun because at least I give a try and she help me with the correct one. :)

Baby Uwais with his 2 jabs. Infanrix Hexa ( cucuk 3 serangkai) and Prevenar 13 (pneumoccocal). And did you know how much is the total?... (120 + 96 ) Euro = 216Euro and it almost RM900 if you convert it to RM. Pffftttt...Harap2 lepas la claim kan.

Can you spot the pharmacy? Walking distance from our hotel.

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