Finally, Home Sweet Home

By Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alhamdulillah, All praises due to ALLAH. We finally move to our rental house Last Tuesday. This pic was taken from our living hall. 
Our latest stayed : RUE MONTROSEIR. :)
And oh! hubby found out this pic while he flipped through his pictures in FB. Guess who is the person in the middle?.
And the person in the middle has changed!, eh...the left person is getting bigger and chubby. Hehehe...Spot the pillow that the middle person is using?.
The 1st middle person in the 1st picture is now laying on the left. MashaALLAH!  he is growing up and how time flies!.. Own yeah,the same goes to the big sister as well. Getting taller and talkative too.

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