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Last saturday, we went to buy hannah and umair's toys since hannah keep complaining that she is so bored because no toys to play. Hubby said, they closed their shop very early..around 7pm so we went there around 430pm. I can't remember the Mall's name but it was a walking distance only and I have to admit that It's quite far for the 1st timer especially when you're carrying your baby or toddler with you. Here, so many stairs to climb..not suitable for stroller unless you go with your partner or someone must accompany you. We straight go to the Toy's R us. I must said that the shop is bigger than we had in KLCC. Hannah choose her minney and we bought bowling set for umair and as predicted, Umair is more interested with her sister's toys.

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  1. umair ni..comelll betul. tgk betul die. maklang


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