Self Service Laundry.

By Sunday, August 26, 2012

For almost a month we stayed at Fraser Suites Harmony Hotel. Sometimes we used this self service washing machine to wash our clothes esp when Mr sun is not showing up. The 1st time I am suing the dryer was like.... UUUU...AAAAAA....dah kering? panas nya! macam masuk dalam oven. Hahahaha.... No wonder, most houses in here have the dryer because for few reasons. Reason #1, they live inside the apartment house, thus, no space to hang their clothes. Reason #2, though it is during summer season, but the weather is really unpredictable. Sometimes, it was rain and sometimes windy without the sunny.
Use this machine to insert coin or token. Once it done, then just press the machine number.

The rate : 6 euro for washing and 3 euro for dry your clothes.The washing machine also incorporated with the soap. No need to add our own soap. Hehe

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