Eid Mubarak

By Thursday, August 23, 2012 ,

I know, i know.Most of us are still in Raya Mood but some of us was already started works right?.Here in Paris, we celebrated 1st Syawal with other Malays.Alhamdulilah, we started the day with solat and takbir raya at the embassy. The train was empty since it was early Sunday morning. The dish was not bad at all.We ate sate hj samuri, ketupat daun kelapa, ketupat daun palas, rendang daging, kuah kacang, assorted biscuits and laksa.What else could be better when you can eat all kind of this food when you know that you are thousands miles away from your hometown. We also attended 2 open houses.Both are hosted by hubby's bosses. We used Metro and to reach at their house, need some energy to walk. Unfortunately, 19 August 2012 was very2 hot. The day that being heat wave. I was told by my husband the heat wave was hits few countries in Europe.The next day? was cloudy and rainy. When i bumped with other muslims here,they will wish you "Eid Mubarak"..unlike malay muslims.."Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin".To add more barakah in your wishes..we can say.. "Takaballahuminna waminkum" ..as being said by muslim cashier at coccinelle supermarket to me. I am happy to see other muslims around the world. Finally, let's reflect ourselves...how was our last Ramadhan? Is that better than previous one? Or vice versa?...may ALLAH SWT give us a chances to meet many, many Ramadhan after this.InshaAllah.Eid Mubarak to all muslims!

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