Kenwood and Pavlova

By Sunday, December 16, 2012 , , ,

So we went to Conforama to buy this mixer :

I was eyeing this Kenwood brand quite long time. Previously went to Darty but the price was hefty. My 1st choice were KitchenAid actually but need to drop that due to the price and i think Kenwood is already good quality and heavy duty as well. I am sooooo happy. Finally, i got my kitchen gadget. Alhamdulillah.
Can't wait to see the performance. Went to the shop and bought the Pavlova's ingredients. I was so like...bliss? when I watching my meringue become the right texture...can't put my smile away from my face. Ahaks! Kids help with the decoration. Just put kiwi and strawberry on top of the whipping cream. All in all, pavalova turned well except for the swetness. Killing! it was too sweet. Will reduce the level of sugar next time. :)

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  1. ok, canggih sangatt, kalu lah dulu mak da beli benda nih, x de lah ayom kena pukul telur n gula dalm pasu besar sampai nak tercabut tangannnnn..huhaahuahauahua


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