Cooking day!

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I went to La Chapell today with Uwais. I left Hannah and Umair at home with my husband. Why? Because Hannah is still sleeping and it almost 10am already. I was in rushed. Waktu solat masuk awal sekarang. Everything kena cepat. Nak bersiap selalu lambat. Sometimes we took almost one hour to make sure everybody ready. Esp during this winter season. Many winter gear need to wear and worst if kids refused to give their commitments. Feel a bit nervous actually because normally, my husband will always accompany me whenever i wanted to go somewhere by Metro. But Alhamdulillah..Allah Swt always with us. So, I managed went to La Chapell and bought the ingredients to make Mutton Beriani!. I used this brand and it turned out so delicious. I think, this is the best beriani paste that i've ever tried. If you are in Malaysia, you can get it at Tesco or Cold storage.

And this is the beriani kambing Malaysian's style. It would not complete without jelatah and papadom. Hubby love it so much!
In the afternoon. I have tried a chocolate chip cookies. The recipe was very easy but i don't know why the taste was still sweet although I have already reduced the sugar measurement. Hannah help me a lot! Thank you sayang..nanti tolong lagi ok?.
Creaming the butter and sugar.
Hannah is adding flour,soda bicarbonate and salt. Let it beat together with the cream butter.
Hannah and her flattened cookies before it cooked
Husband cakap tak yah beli biskut seminggu dah. :)

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  1. sadapnya, i miss your cook :)
    did u 'google' the biscuit's recipe?

  2. Acik, the recipe was shared by my friend in her fb.. check this out :

    You may reduce the sugar level if u don't like the biscuit become too sweet. Good luck!

  3. ni yang tensen baca blog nih...lepas baca je mula lar teringin2 yg melampau..badan da la mcam di pam-pam.................sedappppppppppnyeee...nk cari lah beriani shannnnn


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