Percutian ke Switzerland (Interlaken-Bern-Zurich) Day 3

By Sunday, December 09, 2012 ,

Inside the breakfast room  before we continued our journey to Bern. The room were lovely! I like the deco

Is thinking what to eat ( what to tapau actually..hehe)

Very healthy breakfast. I'd really missed Malay Cuisine at this moment. All nasi lemak with the garnish, fried mee hoon with the chilli paste, porridge, fried rice and the list keep going. Like, that all?. Tapi tak baik kan merungut,. Rezeki ni. Jadi makan semua except the seasoning, cheese and bacons.

Baby Uwais amusing himself during our breakfast

Heidi, the owner of the hotel was very kind. She brought the croissants and bread from the kitchen. I don't understand why they did not put this on the buffet table at the 1st place.
All in all, we enjoyed the foods and stayed there.  The owner and staff was very friendly and helpful. Owh, this is in front of the receptionist area.

Waiting train to board from Interlaken West. The journey took almost one hour to Bern. We wnjoyed our ride since the view was gorgeous and spectacular!.

See the cable that cross each other?. They use electricity bus tram inside the city. Perhaps to reduce the air pollution I guess.

The help desk was very helpful and can speak english very well also. She pointed us where is the bear park and few main attractions along tbefore the road before we reach at the bear park.

One of the clock tower. I think, this is their church
Could not remind the name of this tower but again, there's a clock there

Yup! BATA in Switzerland

The road with the railway track for the busses/tram

It's raining..but still wanna take the picture!

The view from bear park. This is the old town. Beautiful with green river.

Zurich at night. Unfortunately, we did not managed to visit the main attractions due to bad weather.

Those towers were so lovely!. I wish I had more time in Zurich.

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  1. Syukur Akhamdulillah...seronok dapat jalan! Very-very nice view!!! Untuk rekod, Switzerland adalah satu-satunya negara yang tidak pernah berperang. Kerana itu bank of swiss antara yang terselamat di dunia, x lupa dgn jam tangan swatch dan kelab bola sepak FC Basel :)

  2. thank you for the info! derang ader gun politics. Tader standing army tapi ader military training for all men between 20-30 tahun..simpan weapons kat rumah as a obligations... yerla kan, switzerland letak kat tgh2..france, germany, italy sumer nyer power2..depa tak risau sgt kot.. hihihihi


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