Wiwi aka weewee aka tuil tuil

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After only 4 years..she finally let go her wiwi by herself..tanpa paksaan. Oh...what is wiwi anyway?.. in our eyes, it's just a small kain. But not for our little daughter, Hannah. Wiwi is her 'best friend'..like best friend forever and i think it's kinda 'until death apart us' of relationship. Hahaha... It's true..my family and family in law are well know with her wiwi.

Well, for Hannah, it means a lot. She will used her wiwi everytime she drinked milk or water. Basically, what she did was..like gentel-gentel hujung kain wiwi..sometimes smpi tertidur and yes, she will bring her Wiwi whenever she goes. So, just imagine how far already wiwi has been travel so far?... :p

 Balik kampung - Perak & Kelantan.
Jalan2 - Sabah KK, Port Dickson, kenduri kendara,shopping.

Dan yang paling jauh.....FRANCE! siap naik business class dlm flight. Memang kelakar. If only wiwi can talk..she might ended up it's life by writing an essay entitled "aku sehelai kain buruk". Macam karangan masa sekolah rendah darjah 6 nak ambil UPSR. Selama 4 tahun tu jugak, wiwi tu dibasuh berkali-kali dan dengan syarat jgn bgtau Hannah and jemur terus kat panas so that, cepat kering and boleh digunakan secepat mungkin. You guys can't imagine how miserable our life when the wiwi was misplaced. Hahaha...

 When we were moved to our rental house in Paris, I mmg sengaja sorok and buat2 tak tahu or lupa pasal kewujudan wiwi and Alhamdulillah..she also don't ask me about her wiwi. Sometimes i just showed to her and she seems not interested anymore. Now, she has a same view with us about wiwi...'KAIN BURUK YG KOYAK'. Until now, it was well kept inside the small bag. I feel like to throw it but wait!..it will be good if Hannah do it by herself. Feeling2 sedih la konon. :p.She will say goodbye to her wiwi soon. See how was the latest wiwi looks like :

                  Ya ammpunnn..besar koyak sampai boleh muat half muka Hannah. Hahaha...

 Anyway, I learnt something from Hannah. The wiwi story had told me something. Trust me that, kids are individual..they just like us, a grown-up. They have their own temperament, strenghts and weaknesses. So, don't be pushy towards them because when time is come..they will act accordingly by their own. Keep support and ask du'a from Allah swt. I told you this because sometimes ago I felt like to burn her wiwi or just simply throw it into the dustbin. Why???..because,at one point..it was totally really annoying me . All her thantrum and sulking was really made me sick. Owh..kurang sabar sungguh.
Hannah, if you read this entry one day....you must know that mama and papa loves you so much. Whatever it is..you're my baby until forever. :) The end

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