Tokyo Iqra International School Sport Day

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

After about one month of training..finally, the most awaiting day has arrived. Hannah was so excited to attend her sport day. She dressed on her pink school t-shirt together with a cap. The event was held at koen (park) near campus 1. We went a bit early since I registered myself as a volunteer.

My task is helping them to tie the balloons at the string.
Happy and glad that I can contribute something to the school. Alhamdulillah....
Just before the event started. I managed to capture this sweet moment with Hannah's classmates. They are Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Chinese. 

Hannah is in Grade 1 and now all are lining-up for student parade
One-two! one-two-three!! - Marching song
Kindergarten students. They look so kawaii!!! :)
Surah recitation from Ustaz Zubair. One of the teacher at Iqra Tokyo International School
Hannah 1st participation. Grab the ping pong ball using mouth.
Hannah and Shoffiya are struggling...hahaha!
Our emcee of the day. Mr Timothy, Grade 1 homeroom teacher.

Math race
Hannah won 2nd place for math race competition.
It's a jump sack race.
Group activity; throwing the ball inside the basket

Relay race and it was very competitive one!
The brothers is enjoying the playground so much.

Sometimes, we faced a tough time when we need to determine who is won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Owh, we also have a game for mommies. It's like 'kotak beracun' in Malaysia. But they replaced it  with pillow
Award and price giving ceremony. Hannah got a bowl. Alhamdulillah....
Last but not least, game for daddies.
Overall, the event went smoothly. I was happy because Hannah enjoyed it! although she asked me why she did not get any medals since it was for only team who won the games. I believed that she understand that in any kind of game competition, there will be who will win and lost. She must accept that as qada' and qadar, sabr , believe in rizqy, tawakkal but only after you have tried your best and at the same time still being grateful that she still won something.

Personally, I believed that all of us has our own strength and ability . Some may great at sports, some doing very good in academic, some are excellent in other fields. Parents, that's  what we called multiple intelligence. Now, let's encourage our children at their interest and make a du'a to ALLAH S.W.T to guide all of us the righteous path. Aameen. 

That's all and thank you for reading.


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  1. wahhhhh..bestnya hannah sport days..mcm best je kawan2 mix dr other country kan :)

    btw congratulations hannah!!!

  2. Sebulan training and it's worth it hannah dpt second place. Sports day anak-anak memang seronok. Hehehe

  3. hannah cute la awk ni. aunty dtg sana nanti nak salam awk laa..


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