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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

So we went to National Museum of  Nature & Science  on last Saturday. It was very easy to get there by densha. You need to take Yamanote line and stop at Ueno. Follow exit to 'park' . After that, you will find the busiest road with traffic light right after you pass the exit. So many pedestrian at this area since it was the same route to get to Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo.

We need to transit at Akihabara Station to take Yamanote line since we ride the train from Shinkoiwa

Follow the signboard. Our train at platform 2

It only took 2 stops to reach at Ueno. Again, find the signboard that mentioned 'park exit'

After exit, cross this road and follow that crowd

We stop at this information service counter to ask for the ticket and museum direction.
They told us to buy the ticket at the museum itself. Continue walking  until you pass the National Museum of Western Art. You will find the National Museum of Nature & Science after another 100-200 meters of walking. 

In front of the gate towards the main entrance of the museum
Hours opening from 9:00 to 17:00. Last admission at 16:30. Every 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month is from 9:00 to 20:00

The  ticket can be purchased via machine or counter
Admission fee is YEN620 per adult and free for children and youth in grades 1-12
They divided the building into two galleries ; Japan and Global gallery. Our excursion begin at 1st floor in Japan Gallery.  In total, there has 3 levels to explore and some of the stuff that they put in there is very interesting and informative not only to kids but adult as well. 

Here at 1st floor at Exhibition hall.

Here is the Gourd stuff and it was my 1st time knowing about gourd. Better late than never right.

I think gourds can be transformed into  so many interesting stuff including art, toys and music instruments
The kids is happily playing with the gourds. It will give a sounds when you shake it. 
Next, we continue our journey to the techniques in observing nature at south area, 1st floor.
Many types of clock . This has been used since long time ago I guess.
Here so many tools, instruments crafted objects and  literature handed down from their own time to the present.
Organisms of the Japanese Islands at 2nd floor (South)
The variety of living organism that migrated from continent to the Japanese Islands.
They really look soooooo real.
Next stop
I told Uwais to compare his fingers with this guy. Count them altogether and asked him where is this guy's nose, mouth and eyes :) . can be fun for them too!
Our next lessons : Human's teeth. Let's count together and advised them to brush their teeth regularly.
Japanese ancestors skillfully interacted with natural environment through the invention of pottery, the cultivation of plants and other technique. No gadget, television and internet at that time. But they can survive after all!
Types of grain rice from various countries including Japan, Korea, Afrika and China.
Told them that rice that we eat everyday is from this plant called paddy. Not sure whether they understand or not. Huhuhuhu
 Suddenly, they remind me with my kampung.
At 3rd floor, south location. A nature of the Japanese Islands
I am not sure what plant is this. Distributed abundantly at their sea which can be eaten. 
What a complex and unique geological history of Japan exhibits at History of the Japanese Islands at 3rd floor, north location
Basalt rock. One of rock types formed from volcanic activity
Details on types of rocks that can be found in Japan

Looking closely to examine those organisms
Minerals found in Japan
More fossils
Is trying to explain to the children about the origin of the basalt rock..phewww....remind me to my old time being a geologist once upon a time. :)
They also have types of soils to show
One of the most amazing experience and not to miss activity if you're at this museum
Theater 360 degree
No extra ticket to enter the theater room. Altough the queue is quite long but it's worth a wait!. Unfortunately, they did not allowed any picture taken or movie recorded. They have monthly program, i.e for October, the shows is about Mantle dynamics and evolution of earth and The Ocean food chain. Language is 100% Japanese. But yet, we really enjoyed the show. It provides us with a 360-degree field of sound and vision.So please, do spent your time here if you come to the museum. 
Next, we visited the Global Gallery. We not spent much time here since the children is tired already. We 're planning to revisit this gallery in future before we back for good. :)

Hereby is the pictures taken at 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. We missed all basements floor exhibition area. 
At 1st floor. Navigators on the history of earth

At 3rd floor . Animals of the Earth
ComPaSS - Exploration area for families with children. We skipped this and planned to come here again.
Before went back. Had our snack at their garden
Spotted this. Only in Nihon
Landmark of the museum
National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo.
That's all our story for now. Thank you for reading! :)

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