Tokyo With Kids : Our story at Mother Farm Chiba (マザー牧場 )

By Tuesday, October 20, 2015 ,

 Assalammualaikum w.b.t

We arrived at Mother Farm at almost 9:50 a.m and after took a pamphlet at the tourist information center we stopped at the nearby cafe to have a breakfast. I made curry puff and tuna sandwich  since in here is quite challenging to find a halal food.

Us before the ticket entrance
Ma za - Bokujo Farm ( Read from left to right) . It writes in katakana and kanji
While having a breakfast
Inside the tourist information center. They provided a wheel chair  as well as stroller to be rented. Sorry, because I am not sure about the details on the fees.

A beautiful morning in the Mother Farm. Blue horizon sky with the clouds along it. MasyaALLAH, only HE can draw such of this nice and awesome view. 
Our 1st stop at Animal Petting Pasture

We had an experience to touch some animals in there. My kids really excited and eager to feel and touch the sheep and tortoise skin. Sheep skin is very soft while tortoise is vice versa.

I was so impressed with Japanese cleanliness level. They really care about their hygienic. Me and my husband joking to each other about taking our ablution at here. Wondering what Japanese will think about it. Hehehe....

Obviously, the farm is not only about the animals but you can feel so relaxed with the fresh air and greenery. Just sit at the bench and enjoyed the stunning view. 

I bet this zone must be a beautiful  view if we come at the right time.
People are watching piggy race. We  just like...uuuuu---aaaa----ooo when we watched this kind of race. The children that participated in the racing have to pat the pig and guide them to the  the right route until they reached at the finish line.
Next agenda is....expressing the cow's milk!
The timetable for expressing the cow's milk. We arrived at this area around 11:10 a.m and guess what? the line is already long. This session is only took 15minutes. They will teach you a right technique on how to express the milk using our palm and fingers.
The cow was so behave. I was successfully done that! Yeayyy.... Initially I  was so happy and a bit afraid. But after tried few times, than I become more confident. Hehehe....
We bought their food at the nearby machine. The cost of the food is around 1,000YEN. The goat keep chomping when you try to get close with them
Walking up towards the Waku Waku Land and Agrodome
Theme park at Waku Waku Land
The boys are enjoying the ride
Wee!!!! our 1st time experienced of cycle-monorail
The boys is waiting at this kind of picnic area while mama and kakak is having fun cycling. Hehehe...
Our lunch . Rice, salted fish, beef kurma and vegetables salad. Alhamdulillah....
The most enjoyable sheep show at Agrodome. If you come here, please do not miss this!. They will have a performance on sheep shearing and it was totally awesome. The host is very expert in entertaining the audience.Hilarious and so lively!!!
Some of the kids is volunteering give the sheep a drink. Sugoii!!!!
In front of Agrodome
Love the sunny day but yet, so windy. Thank you ALLAH for giving us this such beautiful experience. May it will make us become more closer towards YOU.

In conclusion, this farm is worth visit with your family. Planned your journey by checking the timetable inside the guide map. Some number of  activities or show during winter season is  lesser than during spring-autumn-summer season. The farm is larger compare to Disneyland. Hence, you can try ride on tractor or Wan Wan bus to reach at the hilly and bit far area. We don't do this since the tractor is already full. So guys, please do this 1st if you wanted to round the farm. Or, just take your time and walk leisurely and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the farm and the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. 

That's all now.

Thank you for reading!

Please read here is you wanted to know on how to get to Mother Farm, Chiba : 

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