Tips and how to get to Mother Farm, Chiba Japan

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

We went to Chiba Mother Farm on last Monday since it was public holiday for Japan. Here I share simple itinerary on how to get to Mother Farm using public transport in Japan. 

Shinkoiwa Station ----------------------- transit at Chiba Station via Sobu Line (Rapid) 
Chiba Station ------------------------- stop at Sanukimachi Station via Uchibo Line 

Total hour of journey from Chiba Station to Sanukimachi Station is 1hr 6minutes.  But if you board limited express train , then it will only took 30minute and you have to pay extra 930Yen for the service . 

There is only one exit at the Sanukimachi Station and you will find the exit without difficulty since the station is quite small. Take the stairs and it  will lead you to the exit and bus stop for the mother farm.

Sanukimachi Station
We departed from Shinkoiwa Station at 8:01am and arrived at the Sanukimachi Station around 9:20am then we straightly board the shuttle bus to the Mother Farm. The fares for adult is YEN480 per person and f.o.c for children. (Mine is aging at 7yrs, 5yrs and 3yrs old).

Shuttle bus schedule from Sanukimachi Station to Mother Farm. On the left column means for weekdays while on the right column means for weekends.
Shuttle bus from Sanukimachi Station

The trip by bus from Sanukimachi Station took around 15minutes to 20minutes. Mother Farm located in remote area and the route is quite hilly. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the paddy field scenery along the journey.
Mother Farm entrance ticket that I have purchased through Loppy Machine at Lawson. If you don't know the Japanese since all the intructions all in Japanese, go and ask help from the sales assistant in the shop. They will assist you InshaALLAH. Don't forget to show the picture of Mother Farm to them. After that, the machine will print the receipt and you have to pay the receipt at the counter and you will get the ticket. More info about the ticket at here :

Shuttle bus schedule from Mother Farm to Sanukimachi Station
Tips :

1) Buy your entrance ticket at convenient store in Japan i.e : Lawson, 7-Eleven 
 and Family Mart. The  price will be cheaper around 150YEN for adult and  
 100YEN for children.
2) Check  the bus timetable from Sanukimachi Station to Mother Farm and vice 
 versa. It is important for you to have a proper excursion inside the Mother 
 Farm. There is a few shows and another attraction that already scheduled i.e ;   duck parade, sheep show and milk express.
3) No reservation to be made for the bus if you want to go from Sanukimachi Station. 
4) Bring enough coins or notes for the fares since this type of bus don't accept suica card. Pay on the bus when you get off at Mother Farm.
5) Prayer room is not provided in the farm (obviously) . But you can just perform your solat at waku waku land area since there is a huge field. Or, we did this .....solat at Sanukimachi Station just under  the stairs. The location is the best I think. Not too discreet but enough to feel comfortable. :)

That's all for now, next entry will be shared our activities at Chiba Mother Farm. InshaALLAH..

Thank you for reading!

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