Stunning Kochias at Hitachi Seaside Park

By Wednesday, October 28, 2015 ,

Assalammualaikum w.b.t


Mina san..ogenki desuka? ( How are you everyone? ) 

We went to Hitachi Seaside Park at Ibaraki on last 2 weeks. The journey is quite far from our house since it took almost 3 hours to get to the park. We ride all the public transports to get there (bus-train-limited express-shuttle bus). For your information, these kochias will only in red colors during spring and to know what is the best time to visit them is to keep yourself posted about it through reading from some information in the websites.

I couldn't imagine and stop saying to myself on how beautiful and fantastic paradise will be once I saw it in front of my eyes. Everyone know that , there is a few Surahs in Al-Quran mentioning and describing about it and  we all know that, any beauty that we saw and witness in dunya is nothing compare to paradise. For example, there will be The spring of paradise ;

Concerning the two Gardens which Allah (swt) has prepared for those who fear their Rabb, Allah (swt) said, "In them [both] will be two springs flowing [free]." [Ar-Rahman 55:50]

And concerning the two Gardens beneath them, He said, "In them [both] will be two springs gushing forth water." [Ar-Rahman 55:66]

May we strive to enter the jannah with our families, friends, neighbors and all muslims. InshaAllah...So,'s time for the picturessss...

Enjoy lovelies!!! 

That's all for now. Thank you for reading guys!


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  1. Subhanallah cantik sangat. and supernice photography!

  2. subhanallah rasa terpegun dengan keindahan. gambar pun nampak cantik lagikan rasa pengalaman di sana. teringin!!!

  3. Cantik betul pemandangan dekat sini, hitaichi park eh namanya, sangat unik tumbuhan pokok yang berwarna merah tu, susah tak nak pergi ke sini?

    1. Tak susah sangat cuma agak jauh kalau amik train biasa..makan masa almost 3 hours..kalau dari Tokyo, amik tiket limited express from Ueno jer..turun kat mane lupa pulak..then, dari situ amik shuttle bus terus ke Hitaichi Park. :)

  4. subhanallah..cantik sgt2..
    bestnyer dpt rsai semua ni..


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