Unhyeongung Palace

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No entrance fees to enter this palace. If you want to go here, please take subway line -3 and stop at Anguk Station. Find exit 4 or 5. We went there during weekdays hence, not many people at the place.

These days, Unhyeongung Palace has the very special role of introducing traditional Korean royal culture to both native Koreans as well as visitors from all over the world.

Site map of the palace

Guide to Norakdang (Hall), Irodang (Women's quarter)

View of Norak-dong
Norakdang is the largest building within the palace and the place where the wedding of Emperor Gojong and Empress Myeongseong was held. The building reflects its previous greatness as a royal palace. The hall held many important events for the royal family.
Us at Irodang gate 

Unfortunately, we can't enter inside the hall. They really take care of their heritage.

signboard was written by Kim Jeong-hee (a Joseon era famous calligrapher)

 My conclusion is ; 

This palace is small . Open till late and easy to find in the Insadong area. Besides, it  is a real treasure. Pick up a leaflet at the entrance and you can guide your self around in less than an hour. For me the real charm of the palace was the recreation in all the rooms of what life was like, with costumed models, furniture etc . Quiet and peaceful this museum was near the top of my Seoul experiences. Yups...no regret at all since this is unplanned program in our itinerary. 

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