Insadong a quaint street with craft aplenty

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We're very lucky when we  realized Insadong precinct is only located at the back of our apartment. In fact, we can see a Ssamzie-gil mall from our apartment window. Previously, our host told us that we can reach Insadong via shortest way. We 're not try it out until our last day in Seoul. True enough, we just walk through small alley for about 2-3 minutes then we reached at Ssamzie-gil Mall already!.

Insadong  Street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts. Stores in Insadong specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.

I also noticed that, there was so variety of fridge magnet at here. However, I am not sure how much the price of it at any other shopping places such as Dongdaemun, Nandaemun or Itaewon since I did not spent much time there just for shopping. Other bloggers said that, here the price is a bit expensive but can't beat the selection of it.

A brush sculpture as a landmark of Insadong. The shape of sculpture is a brush soaked with ink and it attracts the gazes of tourists visiting Insa-dong, and it is always busy with kids trying to slide on the sculpture just like what my children doing!
Cafe in Korea known as adorable and charming. Just look at the exterior design.
We start our day at Insadong in the morning when the place is less people
Spotted this martial art by the Korean kids. I am not sure whether this is a performance or not. Too bad that it already finished when we reached there. If not, Uwais must be thrilled and excited boy watching at the performance. :)
I love Insadong as it has a lot of souvenir shops along the street. The street is also  wide and although the place is a lot of tourist and local, we still can enjoy our outing 
You can come here just for taking a photo without shopping anything since this  place is quaint and charm with it's own 

Souvenirs that you can bring home 
There was so many choices of souvenirs for your family and friends that you can bought from Insadong. If you're lucky, you can get cheaper price. Tips : try to come during weekdays during morning hour. I've tried it and it works! Weeee...

One of the main attraction inside the Insadong, Ssamzie-gil Mall.
Ssamzie-gil Mall is a shopping center that shares various items, ranging from fashion and art to food and accessories 
On four floors above the ground is connected by spiral staircases and the rooftop garden bring in natural elements for enhanced shopping experience.
If you keep walking until the 4th floor, you may found this area. Keep walking through this alley to find the 3D alive museum.

If you want to have an experience of workshop on Korean art and craft thingy , please proceed to the basement level
Beautiful mural at the basement just before enter the workshop room
The selection of art and craft workshop
DIY art and craft stuff inside one of the workshop place. Very cute right??
Bully time!
Many walls inside the building has a scribble and doddle on it and I think it turned out to become one of the attractiveness for Samzie-gil Mall. 

Next, we continue our journey to the 3D Alive Museum. It was really fun and we did take a lot of pictures until we felt bored and finally, we just walked and passing by the art by not doing anything. Hahahah! ..The ticket bought at the 3D alive museum inside the Ssamziegil Mall and not much 3d picture inside that museum. We have to go to another branch located few hundred meters from there. 

They charged children from 3 years old & the price ticket is similar as adult
 Hereby is pictures taken in the alive museum. Please enjoy it :)

We decided to go back to our apartment for prayer break after we had spent an hour inside the museum. We bumped with a lot of Malaysians on our back and the crowd is already full at the street. Still, it was a bliss since they closed the road for all vehicles. We stop at one of the street stall to try the 'odeng' (fishcake) . 
Odeng just like fishcake in Malaysia. The taste was so delicious :) 
Next, we stopped for lunch at Halal Little India Restaurant. The price of the food is a bit pricey but since that only halal & 'real' food that we found  so just go there and top up our stomach until  full.
Little India Restaurant interior looks like
They still served 'jeruk' as appetizer although at Indian restaurant
After about almost one year not having a 'teh tarik' in Malaysia.
Chai tea for the parents
Look at this lamb curry. The meat is so tender and juicy with perfect taste of gravy as well. Daebak! I give 5 stars for this dish
We ordered 1 set menu contained rice and capati each and turned out that, our children love capati so much. As a result, I have to order 4 extra pieces of capati.
Hannah and Umair is enjoying their capati. Too hungry I guess.
That was the end of our story at Insadong. If you come here, please drop  by at the Information tourist center to get the map and other important information and attractions. You may not going to miss some events or other interesting places that we are not have time to go such as galleries and museum.

Thank you for reading!

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