Flea Market at Urban Life, Shinkoiwa

By Thursday, October 08, 2015 ,

Assalammualaikum wbt

Flea market was held at our neighborhood area. I went with my children while Nana bring her 2 little munchkins. The event was not only about selling stuff but it anticipated with some performance and entertainment such as Awa odori, art & craft activity .

It was started at 11:00 and finish around 15:00 but we only spent about 1-2 hours. Since, this is my 1st time went to flea market in Tokyo so, it's hard for me to compare with others flea market. But to be honest, I fancy more car boot sales in UK rather than this one. I think because there was a lot more stuff is selling over there.

After I googled, then I found out there is major top three flea markets are held at Meiji Park with about 600 merchants, Shinjuku Chuo Park with about 250 stalls, Yoyogi Park with more than 800 stalls, and at Oi horse race track. Hohoho!! and now, my must-visit-place in Tokyo list have to updated.
This is my favorite place to do my groceries almost everyday. People is gathering here for one purpose...
Ta-da!! A limelight of the day.. :)Please pay YEN500 if you want to  take picture with this cute guy.
Another fun games for the kids. Not sure what is this about, but the kids is trying to scoop up  small frogs? fish? with a net.
Only this vendor selling many selections of toys
My boy's current favorite
Clothes including coat and shirt
Selection of crochet hood and mafla

A street stall food
More stuff. Some  of them is still brand new.
Sweaters and clothes for children
Yeayy!!! we got free toys!

Generous obaachan (Nenek) that given a free toys to the kids. Arigatou gozaimashita!! :). Comey nenek ni, siap main2 amik gambar kami dengan kamera menan die. Hahah!
Minori road
Taking photo with Awa-dancers. They just about to begin !!

OK, that's all our story on last Sunday. Balik dari sini, lepak dok rumah diam-diam saje. :)
Thanks for reading you guys!!!

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