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By Saturday, October 09, 2010 ,

I should post the entry way long ago. But, being busy during Ramadhan ,prepared the cheese tart for customers every weeks and attended open house during Syawal in every weekends made me almost flat on the couch. I bought all these at fabulousmom outlet, Puchong branch while they got offered. The above picture are nursing lingerie- bras from Kelly, each was RM34++. Sweet prints and soft material.
A breastpump bag from brand Moms Precious - Pro Mom Bag is an ideal solution for the professional working and pumping mom. For those who are familiar with the existing Moms Precious Smartpack, you will appreciate the new features for the new hand carry handle and the straps which is now made of special breathable material. The opening for the bag is also bigger for better accessibility. Stylo tak?..hehehehe

This bag also offers ample space to hold any double electric breast pumps (eg. Medela Pump in Style, Medela Mini Electric plus, Ameda Lactaline, Spectra 7 and Spectra 3, Avent Isis Duo). This is a reasonably discreet way to carry all your expressing equipment.
Small access at the back of the bag for the Spectra 7 and 3 plug to attach to a power point (no need to take out your spectra pumps and pump straight from the bag!)SAVES you precious time. But not for AMEDA LACTALINE dual pumping.

Another milk storage solution from Techni-ice brand.When frozen in a normal household refrigerator, this ice pack is extremely effective at keeping your food, drinks, and fish cold. And the best part is that it won't make everything in your cooler soggy at the end of your outing.

Aside from being an ice pack, the Techni Ice sheets can also be heated to keep your food warm, used as a heat pack to loosen your muscles, and much more. This durable package is reusable and easy to maintain and clean.
Just put inside the cooler bag that contained the EBM (express breast milk) and it can be lasted till 8-9 hours!. I bought 2 pcs of them since I got a great reviews from Anip and Firdaus (my colleagues).

The very last thing that I wanted to buy on that day was this!. Mom's precious cooler kit. It's a special storage for us to put the EBM's bottles and surrounded by the Techni Ice sheet. Unfortunately, they don't have it in their stock at this moment. Haihhhhh~~~~. Feel a bit regret because they got less at this item. But, last week...I saw they extend their SALE until 16th September up to 70% discount!. Yeayyyy!!!!!. Memang kena pegi lagi la jawabnye.

Another stuffs to buy for nursing accessories :

1) Bumble bee breast milk storage collection.
2) Mom's precious breast milk storage collection.
3) Medela milk collection.

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