I can move - part 2

By Saturday, October 23, 2010 ,

All praises to ALLAH because today, I can go to the school with my mama and met my lovely teacher and friends. Having this kind of activity on every weekend was sooo enjoyable moment for me as a toddler.

Today's lesson was about "I can move". And the most activity that I can't forgot was "art and craft" lesson. It's all about painting!!!!.
It's kind a funny thing, when Initially, my teacher asked me to use a string for the painting purposes..however, I feel so overwhelmed. I used my 10 fingers to do the painting!. My mama was shocked actually but she's tried to hide her feeling by acting like usual and the best part was...mama don't get angry at me. She support and entertained me instead!..thank you mama for being so kind towards me..I love you from the bottom of my heart!...now, let's enjoy the picture ok?.

Good morning's song. Umar? mcm nak bersilat jer?Story time!...Show me your hands!!! Head and shoulder's song. Hannah is showing her head!Eyes and noseAnd,,,kneesPainting time!...Teacher Effa introduced 4 colors to usOk, let's start!This is my preliminary outlookAnd..it cont...Rifki's mama is trying to help himWell, it's soooo slow to complete the art using the string, Let's us fingers ok?Ahah!...look at my fingers! sooo colorfulSee my face?... I was soo happy and enjoyed after completed my taskFinal outlook of my art!..that's why we called art dear. Because art didn't have to be a special shape and form. Am I right?Eating time. Biskut bantal ( ikut papa die nyer term)My lovely sister..always be my side. Kak Nabila!As usual, before we adjourned. Teacher Effa will give us a sticker. I opt Upin to be put on my hand.

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  1. kakak hannah.pandainye melukis..menari..menyanyi...n nampak berani sgt.mu'az nk jadi berani jugak..tp x nak la sampai bersilat mcm sorang budak tu..oppss...

  2. Mu'az : Thank you for the compliment. You can also be like that....ask your mother to send you to the school ok?

  3. Hannah sangat cute.esp bile senyum :) tk sabar nak jumpa hannah n cium hannah .. jadi anak solehah tau..nanti jumpa kita lukis sama2 k..

    Mak Cik


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