Milk banana dates shake

By Monday, October 18, 2010 , ,

Main ingredient : I am prefer low fat milk instead of full milk. Never tried Marigold Vanilla milk. I think, the taste will be different.

A few dates. It depends on you, if you like to eat date, by all means..put as much as you want.
1 pc of banana. I'm prefer Pisang Berangan. Do not put too much of the banana, as the result, your drink will become too thick and it's like to eat "cekodok pisang" yang belum dimasak.

Put all in the food mixer and press the juice mode. Wait until 2-3 minutes, and it done!.
See the result? . For better taste, you can try to put 1/2 scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Dates, banana and milk are nutritious food especially for expecting and nursing mommy. Good Luck!

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