I can taste - part 1

By Saturday, October 16, 2010 ,

Hi everyoneeeeeeee!!!!!

I was soooo happy and excited today because finally, Saturday is coming and it's my school day!. Today, my class started on 11.30 am and the subject today was " I can taste". But before that, let's enjoy the show 1st. This is the routine for us in ALIM kids playgroup activity. A nasyid by kids, title..LA ILAHAILLALLAH....

ps : Sorry sebab camera goyang2..coz my mom pun join sekali...hehehe

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  1. kak hahanh,i think ur mom was more excted than u ..=p

  2. Mu'az : Mama have to be like that. If not , I'll be just like a 'patung. The one that you can find inside the GIANT you know?. Most of them wearing baju kurung, pants, T-shirt and always mengelendem!...hahahahahha

  3. mak cik can't watch this video lah hannah

  4. MAKCIK : Poor you..but how come Mak Lang can play the video?


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