I can taste - part 2

By Sunday, October 17, 2010 ,

Okay, my mommy said that I've improved a bit. Why? because, during my previous class I was sooo shy and I just sit down on mommy's lap. But yesterday, I can join teacher Effa singing, said something to teacher Effa as well.

Oh!! Before I forgot, I have something to tell to all readers, especially my aunties, Mak Cik, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, Pak Long and Cik Nie. Don't be jealous ok? because I got a NEW T-SHIRT!..... It's wrote "ALIM's Kids" printed on the t-shirt. Everybody got one and all of them are very happy.This is me wearing pink t-shirtWhile this one, after transformed. Green T-shirt already.Although the size is the smallest one, but it's still big for me. Hehehe

For yesterday's lesson. We have learned about our tongue. It's all about "I can taste". Teacher Effa showed her flashing cards mostly on foods. I'd still remember when she asked me whether I like to eat vegetables or not and I said 'no' to her and everybody in the class laughed at me. Mommy said, I was sooo sincere answered her. Well, that's was true enough! hehehehe..

Next, Teacher Effa showed us " chocolate bar" and I answered it correctly!...when she asked me the same question as above, I said "yes" for this one. Chocolate is good taste you know. I love it very much. But, mommy told me that I can't eat too much of chocolate or else, caterpillars will bite my teeth. Scary you know..

Who like to eat chocolate????

Caterpillars coughing. And 'C' is for caterpillars.

Next lesson, we learned about letters. We learned from 'A' to 'F'. Teacher Effa was very creative since she can sing also while taught us about letters.

When we finished about letters, we had a singing lesson. Our songs was :
1) La Illahaillallah
2) Head and shoulder
3) Incy wincy spider
4) Chicken dance
5) Little Indian
6) Hands and feet
Me and teacher Effa singing together in front of the class.

My two other classmates, Rifki and Haikal also dancing with help from their mommies
Teacher Effa and her 'surprise' bag. Hurmm...can't wait to see what inside the bag.

Then, as promised...Teacher Effa gave us blocks and she asked us to share and play together. I love to play with blocks.

I made this!Mr Haikal is focusing build his tower
The class was finished around 12.40pm and before that, each of us got sticker from Teacher Effa. Thank you so much teacher!!!!!

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