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By Tuesday, October 19, 2010 ,

Made this myself since we're going to move to different office early next month. A proper and nice sign to be glued on the door of mother's room.

My big boss said that he will allocate one special room for nursing mommies to ease their job. But yet, the room that he proposed was a smoking room which obviously...ehem, being considered by our Mr administrative since he is a smoker. We're still hoping that, he did what our boss said...
" Give them a smoking room, because the utility room is soooo small".

He also agreed to sponsor a carpet and he asked us to find other utilities such as FRIDGE and let him know, what model, what type and he will find the solution how to get one for us.

However, I have a not good feeling since, our new place already accommodate a few places of "mother's room" at several level. And I am afraid that, mr administrative will give that reason for nursing mommies to use that room instead.

Personally, I think that, in order for them to provide a new "mother's room" at our level is quite difficult since the process will need other people's approval. Too many things to consider, i.e..need to install a few plugs, because smoking room don't have any. The fridge is also one thing. Because of that, I don't want to put so much hope on this matter.

Anyway, let just give a chance. Perhaps, I need to see my boss to clarify on this matter.

ps : The poster and leaflet on breastfeeding campaign was already on my table. I just wait the perfect time to put it on our pantry and distribute the leaflet.Weeeeeee!!!!!

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