Longchamp : Planetes and Le Pliage Effeil Tower for Sell

By Sunday, January 20, 2013 ,


After a week I kept my handbag Besace Sapin nicely in the wardrobe and  now I feel to exchange it with another bag sebab rasa colour yg sgt dull and tak menarik langsung. Well, don't ask  me why at the 1st thing I bought that bag. Seperti yg dimaklumkan..rasukan dan hasutan syaitan SA telah menyebabkan diri saya tidak terkawal dan OPS! TERbeli lah bag yg tidak disukai and I am not going to sell things that I don't like. If nak jual, biar puas hati dan make your customer 100% satisfied. :))

So, this is my Besace Sapin. The bag is exactly like this except the colour that I don't fancy at all. Kaler die macam hijau yg sgt dark. Kalau sekali imbas tengok...macam hitam.

Simply went to the boutique and asked the SA to exchange it with another bags. Tak banyak hal pun and they really respect us as their customer. I showed the bill and he entertained me nicely. Best!..

Initially, wanted to exchange with the same bag but different colour but yet, after a second million thought, then I decided to exchange with 2 bags and 1 coin purse. It was a Planetes and Effeil Tower Le Pliage and the good news is, I want to sell these 2 bags for the Longchamp fan outside there!.


31x30x19 cm

Front View ( 31x30x19 cm)

Back View

The bag with scale :) and I put some stuffs inside the bag.

And here is the picture of Le Pliage with Effeil Tower picture in beige color. :

That's why it called Le Pliage because it can be folded and store nicely.

The bag with the scale and the size is as same as the PLANETES model.

Back View

I am selling the PLANETES handbag with price at RM460 and LE PLIAGE EFFEIL TOWER at RM420

Email me if you're interested at boutiqueadifah@gmail.com. The bag only will be delivered in June 2013 since I will be going back to Malaysia during that time. So,  hurry up ladies! grab while it still last!.

Finally, these pictures taken today in front of the Longchamp boutique, Rue Saint Honore, Paris. :))

Till then, bon soir !


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  1. GORGES BABE!!!! bestnya.. so jeles~ uncle suka Planetes, tapi tula, wife uncle tak minat longchamp.. hahaha..

    btw, motip delivery tahun 2010???

  2. UNCLE ZED : hahaha...typo error! aku dah nak pengsan dah smlm menaip.Letih mak!

  3. LC Planetes still available???? janet_ngu@yahoo.com


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