Review buku kumon

By Friday, January 11, 2013 , , ,

Assalammualaikum! salam Jumaat all... Have u heard about Kumon's brand tak?. I had bought few books for my daughter through this website The price is much cheaper from Malaysia and no delivery charge. So, I beli 3 exercise books. Counting, lower case and cutting. The books were so colourful and Hannah had so much fun doing it. (depends kat mood die). But, this is the most her favourite book:

Suke la..kejenye menggunting ajer. It's good for her eyes and hands coordination.
Ini hasil nya. Harus lekat kat dinding bilik. Senyum ke telinga laaaa..

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  1. glerr...x tahan tgk die senyum

  2. Hahaha..kan? Tapi dah puas..pastuh complaint lagi bowrrinkkk..nak buat ape sekarang?.. Soalan susah nak jawab..haishhh