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By Monday, January 07, 2013 ,

Assalammualaikum! sis in law was safely delivered a healthy baby boy on 6th Jan at HUSM, Kelantan. After 10 days overdue. Finally!!...I dah 8 bulan tuh rase nak menyerah diri jer kat gynea sebab tak larat dah nak bawak baby dalam perut. Hahaha... well, that's what we called mother's sacrifice isn'it? Our heartiest congratulations goes to you my dear K Ngoh and Firdaus. To you le petite bebeh..wait for Cik Long and family ok?. Seriously can't wait to see you. Welcome to the world and rest assured that your Umi, Abi and Kakak Faradis will always be your side and guide you. May your grow up as a pious man and be a good calliph in this world. LOTS of LOVE, Cik Long, Ayah Long, Hannah, Umair and Uwais.

Baby boy yet to be named after a few hours from oven. ;)
Today picture. Courtesy from your Abi. Nowadays dah canggih maaa..guna whatsapp sajork.

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