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Assalammualaikum, How are u readers? ca va? je tres bien..merci. :) Kalau tak faham translate eh? hehehe.. Now this entry will tell you on how my 4 yrs old daughter express herself when she felt sad or being scolded by me. Nowadays...yours truly is trying to teach hannah on memorizing surahs in Muqaddam. Normally, we will start after isya around 7pm or basically whenever Uwais is settled already. Like i said in my previous entry. I want to BERSABAR as much as i can. But sadly, dah termarah die sket semalam. We started from Al-fatihah then moved to An-nas, Al-falaq, Al-Ikhlas, Al-masadd and she was like main-main..not focus. At that time I was being able to hold my temper. However...she act more like mengada-mengada, can't sit still and org perak cakap..menggelejat tak tentu was that time when I increased my volume sebab tak leh tahan dah. Dah la satu hari dok layan my little poney (mlp)tak pun power puff girl (ppg)until myself pun sometimes terhafal lagu die and yes! she knew all the main characters of mlp and ppg. Itulah akibat penangan cuti sekolah for 2 weeks during winter and dapat pulak rumah apartment yang lantainya kayu. Cannot run and jump..if not kena sound lah dgn jiran kat bawah sebab bising. Not kid friendly betul la. Isk. Maka aktiviti seharian dihabiskan dengan menonton youtube. It's not that i don't want to make any health activity with her. Sometimes i did when my husband is around. Art.and craft, painting and baking. I just can't handle everything alone when Umair will mess everything and Uwais crying seek for attention. I enjoyed doing those activities with her but yet, maybe need to wait a bit more until Umair is big enough to join big sister in her activity. So, the drama started when we read surah An-nasr and Al-Kafiroon. Her tears was streaming down and her voice was choked. She tried hard and like struggle enough to repeat after me. I rase nak ketawa time tuh ..jahat kan? hahahaha... but kena la control macho...I kissed her when the session finished. No conversation were made between us for few minutes. I saw her doodles something on her book with her sad face. I wanted to know so I approached her and she gave me this

ok...tak clear eh?..this one yang dah zoom in. Check it out!
Haa....see?..she denied the picture was her when I asked her who was actually in the picture. Sad face is represented herself after being scolded and pushed by me. Before we went sleep..i asked why she act like that while mengaji..then she simply replied... "Hannah boring". Too sincere kan?. I need excitement in every single thing that they do. InshaAllah...will find another way soon.. Finally, may Allah Swt reward me for anything that i did and the nawaitu is to seek his blessing apart then equip my child with ilmu agama and al quran. ps ; teringat masa kecik2 time mengaji dgn mak ayah..selalu jer menitik ayo mate atas kertas al quran tuh. Mak garang wooo.... tapi bagus gak, garang2..Alhamdulillah semua kami boleh mengaji. Thanks mak, ayah!

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  1. hahah...menggelejat..x tahan ayat tu...

    mengajar al quran plg susah. sbb banyak jin n setan kaco, esp kat paris..haha

    betul dah cara angah tu..cuma kena sabo sket lagi ^^..

    ayom pernah terpelanting lidi mengaji di ketuk dek ayah...haha

    x kenal 'shad' n 'dhad'...'to' n 'zo' n yg lbh krg sama...haha

  2. Hahahaha...

    Kan Ayom? Fadhly pulak penah kena baling selipar ngan abah...gara2 salah baca ..hahaha


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