17 days to go before we go back home. Sayonara KUMON

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Yesterday was Umair and Uwais last day at KUMON and yes! I am going to miss my routine on every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

We will board the bus number 29 at 13:55 or sometimes if we late 3 minutes then we have to wait for the next bus, which scheduled at 14:15.  Sometimes, I will ask my boys to walk to the centre if the weather is OK for us.

While waiting for the bus to come
It will take about 15-20 minutes if  I walk alone. But with my boys, I have to add another 15 minutes more. There was  a playground on the way to the centre and they will ask me to stop to play.
On the bridge from our house to the KUMON Hon-Ishi-Ki

Happily playing at the playground
Normally, we will spend about one hour  for doing the worksheets and corrections. Umair is enrolling Mathematics and English subjects while Uwais is enrolling only an English subject.
At the end of the class, before we go back home, my boys will bow to the teacher and say " Sensei! Arigatou gozaimashita. Sayonara!"

All kids in here will do the same too. They will say thank you and goodbye to the teachers before they left for their home. That is how they teach to become a respectful and manners person.

KUMON concept of learning is repetitive style. My children have to answer the same question for many times. Alhamdulillah, after few months taking a class with KUMON, my boys had shown a positive progress at their subjects taken. Especially Umair.

To those who wants home schooling their children in Japan, perhaps you guys can consider KUMON for their syllabus. The monthly fees is also reasonable and not too expensive.
Bye-bye KUMON and teachers in Hon-Ishi-Ki Centre. Arigatou! Sensei wa shinsetsu da. Anata to hanarete sabishiku narimasu. 

Thank you! teacher is so kind. I will miss you!

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  1. huhu... msti rasa sedih sgt kan...

  2. Kumon mmg bagus utk tumbesaran anak2. My nephew pon amek math n english.


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