Sakura Hunting ( episode 2 ) : The significance of Cherry Blossoms in Japan

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If you are asked me what is the best time to visit JAPAN. I would strongly recommend you to come during spring season when cherry blossoms in bloom on that time. The blooming of the cherry blossoms varies each year but it usually starts in late March and lasts for about one month.

In Japan, the cherry blossom is not only for ohanami ( cherry blossom viewing activity) but it also marks a new academic year. Students in school will celebrate their graduation day and promoted to the next grade's level.

 This one is taken during Hannah's 1st day of school on 1st April 2015
While this photo was taken last week ( 2nd April 2016 ) on her  graduation day
Sometimes, the weather is not so good for ohanami. Few days in Tokyo was rainy and windy. I loves to see these petals spreading all over on  the ground. My kids love to pick it up and look closely on it. 
 See? collecting the cherry blossom petals can become a game and fun activity for my daughter
There is not always a necessarily for you to go to the famous park to enjoy the cherry blossoms if you have it just in front of your house. This playground is my kids' favorite place to play with other Malaysian's friends. Another place that I am going to miss it!
Spring season is obviously when you can see other flowers blooming at everywhere
And I loves to play around with my camera and captured some beautiful and meaningful moments like this. The location is perfect for us since we don't have to battling the crowd to see the cherry blossoms. The trees is not as much as in Ueno, Shinjuku Gyoen,Yoyogi Koen and other famous places but with the JR train passing by as a background will give a sentimental memory about it.
When the youngest brother asked to have a three minutes break because he said...his kaki rasa nak patah!..
 Another best spot for photoshoot at Komatsugawa-Sakaigawa River, Katsushika Ku.
This is what we called a tranquility
 The stones that aligned nicely along the river
We went here for the second time on last Tuesday just for photo shoot purposes. Big sister is not around since she already at school. I used a same lens but tried out with a different setting.
I don't really like the background become very vague ( 1st photo ) especially when people is trying to guess what was the object behind.
And finally, I found the right setting and  method to have a beautiful looks of the photos that captured by yours truly : )
I don't like this area but I loves it so much!. No crowd and the water of the river is clean as well. My boys really into it!  Finding a small stick from a tree and looking for a fish. Some stones have a flat surface which made my job easy. I can sit on there to take a photo or I can asked them to sit or stand on it. 
 And our accompany that day. Ne-ko
Here is my last photo to boost up your energy today! 

That's all and thank you for reading!

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