Sakura Hunting (episode 3 ) Yoyogi Koen & Chidoriga Fuchi

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

So we continue our sakura hunting at another two famous places  in Tokyo. We went during the weekdays and both places is still crowded.

Yoyogi Koen fulled with teenagers and we can feel the atmosphere was so lively. There was some performances held by musicians and dancers. The weather was nice with abundant of sunshine but yet, there is still a chill in a springtime air.

We had a our simple picnic at the area which a bit far from the cherry blossom trees because we afraid that there will no more spaces for us since it was already fulled and reserved by other people

Our food on that day. Lemon grilled chicken, donut and fried rice. Yummy!!!
Our children playing around with the nature. This is how we keep them busy so that we can have a photo shoot session peacefully.
The kids was happily played around until we insist them to go to another area. Well, mommies is obviously eager for having a memorable ohanami. :)
If we look closely, the cherry blossom trees actually is black color. I was wrong at one time because thinking the tree color was  brown. People loves to sit under the cherry blossom trees whilst eating, drinking, chatting or just sit silently looking around. They really want to appreciate this short-live of plant.

On the next week, we went to Chidoriga Fuchi. This place is one of the iconic sakura spot in Tokyo and easy to access by the public transport. The place was congested as well. Perhaps, after two and three days of raining and suddenly when the sun come out people want to take this opportunity to view the cherry blossoms.
The combination color from white-pink cherry blossoms , yellow wild rapeseed and purple flowers
Obviously, there are many ways to view the cherry blossoms. You can either picnic , strolling along under the cherry blossom trees or to choose another fun activity. Row your boat!
Did you see those petals fall down from their trees ? Subhanallah! it was really beautiful and I feels like walking under a petals rain!
This park is family-friendly park where you can let your kids running and playing around
 And after we had our simple meal, we went here and snap more photos. Sorry guys, we was not sure the name of this flower but really enjoy with the splendor view. Please enjoy more photos here;
 Pretty Nana with her sugarscarf shawl
 Photos taken by one of Nihonjin pakcik
 Hakim Chan with her mama
 Sea of purple flowers
 Konnichiwa Tokyo Tower
Sayonara Cherry blossoms in Chidoriga Fuchi!

That's all and thank you for reading!

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  1. seronoknya piknik...
    permandangan cun giler.. nmpk nyaman n tenang je.. teringinnya nk pegi sana.. knp kat sini x secantik sana..? haha

  2. wahhhhhh...what a beautiful scenery :)

    bawak bekal sambil take photo, tgk anak2 gembira..nikmat apa lg yg ingin kita dustakan kan :)

  3. lama tak jengah.. wah.. canteeeeekkkkkknyaaaaaaa....

  4. hanami!!! picnic di sebalik bunga sakura.. masyaAllah rasa kagum dgn ciptaan Allah.


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