Tokyo Iqra International School Al-Qur'an recitation competition

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

 The event was successfully held on 20th Feb 2016 at Yotsugi Hall, near Takaramachi area. It only took about 20minutes from our house by bus.

A signboard before entering the hall
Hannah with her friends.
Al-Quran recitation and speech by Mr. Jubayr. He is Hannah's Islamic teacher
The school principal, Mr. Timothy Marshall, delivered his opening remarks
Next, we heard students from kindergarten 1 - 3 recite their surahs.They have to memorize Surah Al-Ikhlas and An-Nas. It was a beautiful and wonderful experience for each of them and the parents as well. To witness their courage standing on the stage in front of many people is one thing that have to be proud of. Subhanallah! none of them were cried or an did any 'dramas' on the stage.

Students from KG3 are reciting Surah An-Nas

After that, students from grade 2 gave a performance on the nasyeed entitled, "Months in Islam".

There was supposed another two more students join them but they can't make themselves available on that day. After that, Hannah and her friends from grade 1 come up to the stage to recite surah Al-Fil .

One of her friends, Abdullah was not coming to the event. Yes..yes..yes..the total of the students is only 11 people and I knew each of their names.
We have practiced a lot before the event. I searched from Youtube to find the most suitable reciter for Hannah to follow and Alhamdulillah...we found one beautiful girl name Mariam. She has a lot of videos on reciting surah(s) with the meaning and story shared in Youtube. Jazakallahu khairan Mariam for your willingness to share it with all of us. May ALLAH S.W.T blessed you and always guide you to the righteous path as what being taught in Al-Quran. Let's us practice it together ok?

Here is the video that Hannah is reciting surah Al-fil on that day :

Well, actually I felt bit disapointed because she was not really follow my instructions. Like, please stop at least 2 second for each the ayah before continue to next ayah  and not too fast .

She said, she forgot about it..hehehe..Ok la, I think she tried her best already!.

Followed by, grade 1 performance on nasyeed  "my mother"

Students from grade 3 singing a nasyeed " Mountain of Makkah"
The honorable judges. They actually parents of the students of Tokyo IQRA School. 
Now is the time to hear for the result after all the students received their participation of certifications and a gift.

Patiently waiting for their names to be calling out

Kindergarten-3 students

Each of the students from grades got an Al-Qur'an book

Kindergarten-1 and 2 students

Alhamdulillah, my efforts was paid off! I was really happy on that day. I can't stop smiling when I called my mom in Malaysia and told her about the news, and I can hear that she was happy too. Her voice was really cheer up and I think she cried a bit. Hehehe..

With Malaysian's students

Mommies and kiddos

Us with Hannah's favorite teacher. Ms Sumaiyah!

With smart, beautiful and respectful little lady. Mariam from grade 2.
Congrats Hannah! we are really proud of you. I just hope that, you can practice and really understand the meaning of the ayat inside the Al-Quran. Make it as a guidance and place it in your heart.

And for  me, I think this is another achievement for me. My focus now is my children and my family. I hope ALLAH S.W.T make my matters ease and give me a strength and patience to educate and nurture them.


Thank you for reading and sorry because this entry is quite lengthy since I want to make it one of the best memory while we in Japan.

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  1. Wahhh bagusnya ada program macam ni. Congrats dik Hannah :)

  2. alhamdulillah...walo dinegara org, tetap ade majlis2 ilmu mcm nie...seronok kan nany.... ye laa kalo kat malaysia senang nak jumpa majlis2 mcm nie...kat masjid tiap2 minggu ade buat.... bile kat negara luar ade mcm ni rase excited plak tgk....

    ape2 pun tahniah tuk hannah....moga terus cemerlang dunia dan akhirat....amin

  3. bagusnya..tahniah hannah, nak pindah sana la kalau mcmni enviroment nya..

  4. alhamdulillah..

    ramai jgk ank malaysia kt sana..
    oklah, walaupon jauh dr malaysia, n dinegara org..pluang blajar agama ttp sama or maybe lg hebat dr sini..


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