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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

This 'leisure land' was located in Saitama Prefecture 50km north of Tokyo. From our house, it still did not take much time which I think about 1 hour 30 minutes of journey. This is how to get to the Tobu Zoo.

Shin-Koiwa Station ----------- Kinsicho Station ( Chuo-Sobu Line )
Kinsicho Station     ------------ Tobu Dobusukoen Station (Hanzoman Line )
Tobu Dobutsukoen Station ---------- Tobu Zoo ( by bus )

Total spent for transportation : YEN2360 (Return)

From Shin-Koiwa Station, please stop at Kinsicho Station and look for the "Hanzoman Line".  You have to touch out your ticket / suica card for you to get to the Hanzoman line. It was located outside from the JR / Rapid Station.
Take the train towards Kuki. You can board express or semi express train. If you are in Asakusa Station, you can choose  the fastest train called Ryomo. It will took only 35minutes of journey.
Here we go! ours is express train. It departed at 10:41am.
We arrived at Tobu Dobutsukoen Station on 11:30am. This station is the nearest station to get to the zoo.
Take the west exit and it will lead you the bus stop.
A shuttle bus will directly took you to the entrance of the zoo
Reference on the bus schedule. Blue means weekdays while pink means weekends
The fares. Adult is YEN170 and children is YEN90. But if you have suica card, then you will get a price that shown in 'red font color'.

Admission Fees

(junior high school student or older)
(3 years old or older)
(60 years old or older)
Ticket for a ride
Admission fee only ¥1,700 ¥700 ¥1,000 ¥300 ~
One Day Pass
(admission fee + unlimited ride pass)
¥4,800 ¥3,700 ¥3,700
Pool Charge
(admission fee + pool charge) * Available only in summer
¥2,400 ¥1,100 ¥1,700

Since we arrived a bit late, then we just bought admission fee only.

Here is the ticket looks like
Please ask the staff if you want the pamphlet in English language
We rent a baby car for Uwais and it cost about YEN300 per day. The kids and parents are hungry. Hence, 30minutes to have a  lunch.
The vending machines come with Wi-Fi too! But , it only can be used if you 10 meter away from the machine. You can drink and at the same time share you photos or videos with your fiends and family in FB or IG. And it's free!
 So we have to walk about 2km from the East Gate to get to the zoo area. Zoo Land is located near to the West Gate.

There was a super duper large pond on the way to the zoo. Our children was so excited and they wanted to feed the fish.
If you are interested to ride this floating boat
Toy's shop
A ride
More activities

Sakura trees aligned between the road. I bet, the view must be awesome when all trees are blooming!
Inside the globe
Our 1st spot is Savanna.
Sleepy Malayan Tapir
While all people are looking at him. He is walking a bit fast moving front - back. Continuously.
Can't stop watching at this guy. What a cute creature (Meerkat)
Hello Ms Lady!
And you! her boyfriend
What's up guy??
I am trying to be cute~~ How do I look?
What a gorgeous color that you had Mr. and Mrs Flamingo!. Subhanallah~~
Hippopotamus is having his meal. Gohan o tabemamasu!
Hippopotamus's neighbor.
Now it's the time to feed the deers
Firstly, we need to buy deer's food. Animals eat their own food. Let's pay YEN200 in the machine.
They are waiting for us to give them a food
They did not bite our hands but I always feel tickled every time they tried to get the food from our palm.But it was a GREAT experience for all of us.
Ok, I just put on guys can eat as much as you can! yeayy!!!! hahahaha~~
Japanese are really taking care of their hygiene. So, please make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with the soap once you finished feeding the deers
Here is our next stop. Another place full of cute and funny animals
I am a common squirrel monkey and I love to play.
A goat place
They even selling a  grass which cost you about YEN100  per bowl. And papa said, it was really really expensive if compare to our country. Grass! very easy to find in our country.
Interesting place for the goats. They built this just like a playground for them. Owh! totemo omoshiroii!!
I am feeding the white goat with someone's else grass. Other kids did not know how to feed the goat properly. Some of the grass fell off and I picked it up then feed the goat.
This is a Red Kangaroo. He knows how to strike a pose. Good job!
We are posing with Emu. It's a big and tall bird.
This an indoor place where we can touch some animals like chicks, turtle, rabbit and morimotto  ( a big rat)
We went to see this creature 1st. A morimotto. Their size is smaller than a rabbit and very calm too
See? he is behave all the time
There was a turtle also in this room. He keeps himself busy by walking and greeting all people inside the room. He is a brave animal since he doesn't look fear towards us. Turtle's skin is rough and hard
We continued to see and look at the chicks. This little guy was pooped at mama's hands because adik tried to squeeze him. Poor him. Anyways, mama is trying her best to look calm and smile in front of camera. After that, she can't wait to wash her hands!
We wanted to experience holding the rabbit. Unfortunately, the queue was too long and the rabbit is not many as chicks and morimotto. So, we just proceed to watch other animals

Your hair is so messy but yet your face looks really cool. Can I cut your hair? So that mama can use it as a her stuff toy to put inside her crochet project?..heheheh~~
Owhh..I actually confused between llama and alpaca. They are just like a cousin but still different. Mommy and her kid. So kawai!
Here is another something terrific show that you guys shouldn't miss it! This eagle is flying back and forth to get his food. His food is small and if I not mistaken, he eat a small slice of meat.
And Penguin.
We then watch a sea lion performance. He was an obedient animal and clever too!
A world that will bring you to a place with so many types of monkeys!
Look! can you guys count how many teeth that I have?
Hamadryas Baboon  have a different shape of the nose and color too. His bottom is red in color
A Ruffed Lemur . Initially, we are confused with his fur and shape since it looks like a bear / panda until he unrolled himself and showing his face. But yet, he did not move at all. Perhaps he feels unsecured towards the people around him.
The one and only camel
Hatariumu. This is a place to see a Japanese firefly. In order to enter this place, you have to pay some amount through the machine. I am not really encouraged you to go to this place since the audio is 100% Japanese. It was really hard for us to appreciate it.
What did we do inside? well, we just sit on the chair and faced the clear box with firefly inside it. The room was completely dark. It only took you 15minutes and cost you about  YEN400 per person. The Same price applied to adult and children.
On the way back, we stopped at this station for a while
Fake cow. That's why the boys was so brave!..hehehe~
One! two! three!

It's Mathematics time. Ok..ok..let me teach you guys~
It was so easy teacher!!! three minus two equal one!
YEN200 per ride.

I am a happy boy~ lalalalala
Mama cooked fried mee hoon early in the morning and we had this before we went back.
At the Tobu Dobutsukoen Station while waiting for mama solat
Our express train will be arriving soon!. We really had a fun time at the Tobu Zoo. I am gonna miss all the sweet journey while I was in Japan.
Our express train back to Tokyo

I really recommended this place if you want to do something relax and fun with your kids.  Why I said so?


1) It was very easy to access from Tokyo and the journey did not take much time. In fact, you can make it as a day trip.

2) A lot of interesting rides and games that you can try

3) All animals are clean, good looking, cute and healthy. There is a few shows that you can watch for free too

4) Interactive - There was always a chance for you to feed and touch the animals

5) Open place for you to break and have your own meal. Let the children running and jumping as much as they want

6) Try to come during cherry blossoms period. The place will looks pretty and awesome. Bonus point for the sakura!

That's all and thank you for reading!

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