The Story Of Suratul Ad-Dhuha

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t


Wad duhaa— By the morning brightness

This surah was revealed when our prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W did not get any revelation from ALLAH S.W.T for about six months.Not even in a dream.  He feels so sad and depressed because he thinks that ALLAH S.W.T displeased with him and had forgotten him.

But why the oath is 'duha' . Well, Duha means after fajr' time when there is full of life, activities, and movement. Have you seen the light during duha time? it was a soothing lighting of the sun and it's PARALLEL with the revelation that coming to the prophet. When it comes to him, it just a soothing light to him. ALLAH S.W.T wants to tell him HE still LOVES Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and US!

p/s :  I can imagine the light and the feeling of soothing itself when I look at that picture :)

Wal laili iza sajaa - And by the night when it is still (or darkens);

The next ayah is when ALLAH S.W.T begin it with another oath. But this time is opposite with ayah number 1. Both of these times are important physiologically on the human personality. Sometimes there is an EASE ( ayah number 1)  and sometimes there is a DIFFICULT ( ayah number 2 ). We always going through these both situations.

For example :

1) Sabr' - It will only bloom under certain circumstances. Yes! when we are in difficulty and ALLAH S.W.T wants to test our iman.

2) Gratitude - Only when something taken away from us then we will become more grateful

 Ma wad da’aka rabbuka wa ma qalaa— Your Lord has not taken leave of you, [O Muhammad], nor has He detested [you].

Many of us will feel disconnected with ALLAH S.W.T in our life. We think that ALLAH S.W.T is not with us when our prayer and dua's are not being answered.  ALLAH S.W.T is Al'Alim. He knows everything while we are not. This is powerful ayah'  is to ensure all of us must always remain positive and to know that  ALLAH LOVES is the GREATEST!

So guys, if you feel sad, depressed and down at any time please remember this surah and recite it. Get know the meaning and talk to ALLAH S.W.T to clear all the negativity aura inside our mind and soul.

p/s :

Sorry because I can't finish the whole surah since this is what I have been listening to Nouman Ali Khan talk. I wrote what I heard and tried to understand it. It was actually our tadabbur session with my daughter. You know that kids can't stay too long to focus. Hence, I select few ayah(s) and tell her the story about it.

I wish and I pray that my children can remember this surah if they lost when searching for the truthness  and feel disconnected to ALLAH S.W.T . InshaALLAH.

May you find your peace in your solat yer abang :)

That's All and Thank you For Reading!

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  1. good sharing babe. I pun tumpang belajar sama . <3

  2. i belajar dear...alhamdulilah..sejak i amallan dhuha sudah 3 tahun since i buat sales...alhamdulilau pekerjaan i berjalan lancar..i baca ni dalam.train..ada dua plastik..ada kirikanan handbag..i sempat still focus membaca..i sgt penat hari ni..but when i reading feel tenang...

  3. Perkongsian yang sangat bermanfaat. InsyaAllah sis. I will try my best :) May Allah ease everthing. Tqsm for da sharing :)

  4. *touched*
    perkongsian yg sangat bermakna
    semoga makin dimurahkan rezeki nany, dikurniakan pahala berterusan utk nany yg share info berfaedah macam ni. :)


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